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Our History

Alzico was established in 1967 and our core business is importation and distribution of quality products to Nigeria. Alzico is the oldest company in the VITA Group of Companies which has operations in Nigeria, UK , Cyprus and China.

We have extensive knowledge of these territories: export and import constraints plus emerging business opportunities.

Our Vision

Alzico's vision is to bring quality products to Nigeria and cater the agricultural, industrial and building materials industry of west africa, which will create a good will for the company. Its suppliers, distributors and dealers from the end user with out compromising on governing authorities formalities and ethics of business.

Our brand Atlas of electric Motors, gasoline Generators, water Pumps, diesel and gasoline Engines, alternators, are a house hold name in Nigeria for the last 45 years. Recently we have added many internationally known brands into our range such as Dr. Fixit a brand Construction Chemicals from India, Fevicol a brand of Wood adhesives from India, Atlas a brand of Marine Plywood from China, Sifang a brand of Diesel Engines from China, are some of them. We are the sole representative of Cummins a brand of gasoline generators from the USA and Pidilite Industries Limited in Nigeria.

The brand, ATLAS, has created a brand image of its own not only in Nigeria but also to its neighbouring West African countries. Today, we are expanding our distributorship network across the country ensuring that these products are continually available to the market. Further to this, is we have created a hub in Abuja (our office complex also includes a modernized warehouse) which will help our distribution in the Northern States.

As we progressed, we have also taken the sole distributorship of M/s Pidilite Industries from India and have already noticed the increase in demand for these products here in Nigeria. FEVICOL brand of wood glue is penetrating into the Nigerian market and Dr.FIXIT brand of Construction chemicals also started well. This distributorship has gained us a good brand image in the Nigerian market and we are sure with the 60 year experience of Pidilite Industries all through the world and the 45 year experience of Alzico in Nigeria can take these products into great heights. With many more brands and products from this flagship company Alzico has a long way to go ahead.

Our Unique Support

The heart of Alzico is a devotion to the customer. Every employee is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. You can count on Alzico for the ultimate ownership experience, productive equipment, expert advice and prompt service.

We can always respond quickly to opportunities and we continue to look for partners to grow their business with us, using our unique products and support.